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could it spin up a couple of showers in the bay area? we'll talk about that coming up. >> check out our traffic camera over the bay bridge toll plaza. it is already busy this morning coming up here on 6:00. we'll let you know when they turn on the metering lights. a live report for traffic just minutes away. good morning. it is monday, columbus day. happy holiday october 8. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. a protest march turns destructive in oakland. >> yeah. demonstrators in an antiwar rally march and probing windows splashed buildings with paint and more. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington now in downtown oakland to show us some of the damage on this monday. >> reporter: good morning. a broken bottle on the ground paint splashed on the glass and just about every, single window broken. other buildings suffered similar damage including city hall following an antiwar
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rally. about 200 demonstrators met at frank ogawa plaza for a march through downtown to mark the 11th anniversary of the start of the war in afghanistan. by 8:15 they dispersed. then there was vandalism on various buildings in the area. oakland residents are fed up with this type of behavior that costs the city money. >> it doesn't make any sense. the bank doesn't have anything to do with the war. oakland has enough budget problems that this creates more problems in oakland when oakland is not the place make the decisions. they need to gowashington or to go to washington or other areas. >> reporter: there is a lot of
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clean-up to do. elissa harrington, cbs 5. police in san francisco arresting 20 -- arresting 20 people over the weekend after vandalism on saturday afternoon. officers were hit by flares, bags of paint, some of those containing rocks. police believe some of those involved were at the mission a couple of weeks ago. a small group of "occupy" san jose camped out in front of the city hall since sunday afternoon. it is the first overnight protest since the "occupy" movement was evicted last year. members say they are going to stay there until noon today. president barack obama comes back to san francisco today for his final bay area appearance before next month's election. the president spent the night in los angeles after an appearance before a roomful of stars last night. he used their performances to make light of his own in last week's debate. >> they just perform flawlessly
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night after night. i can't always say the same. >> he was referring to singers who took the stage before him. this morning, president obama will visit ke. ne near bakersfield where the home of farm labor leader cesar chavez is being made a national monument. the president will arrive at sfo about 1:40 this afternoon. he has a private fundraising dinner in san francisco then a public concert and rally at bill graham civic auditorium. the president had spend the night in san francisco. republican presidential candidate mitt romney will deliver a speech in virginia calling for the u.s. to take a more assertive role in syria, put conditions on aid to egypt and tighten sanctions on iran. with a month to go to the election national polls show the race for the white house is tightening. right now california is the most expensive place for gas in the nation. and this morning our governor
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jerry brown is taking action all in an effort to drive down some of the costs. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran reports on the governor's idea to ease record high prices. >> reporter: good morning. the governor is asking state regulators to release a less expensive blend but experts say even with that move we won't see prices drop right away. this winter blend comes out on november 1. it will bring up gas supplies 8 to 10% and might drop gas prices 15 to 20 cents a gallon. but it could take a week before we see any changes. according to aaa, prices today are at record highs. in san francisco, you're paying $4.73 for a gallon of regular. and in san jose and oakland it's $4.67. our state supplies were cut short after richmond's chevron refinery fire in august and last week a power failure knocked out an exxon refinery in southern california.
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>> we had a number of disruptions happen at the same time. california always runs a very tight supply-demand because because we use a different blend of gas than the rest of the country so if anything goes wrong, we can't get more gas from other parts of the country very easily. >> reporter: the winter blend is less environmentally friendly and evaporates more quickly than gas in the summer. but experts say the early release shouldn't have too much impact on our air. we want to remind you for the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, all you have to do is go to and enter your zip code. cate caugiran, cbs 5. 6:05. let's check weather. a fabulous weekend weather was okay. another nice day today but things could change though. we have an areas of low pressure off the coastline that could bring rain to the bay area tonight and tomorrow. doesn't look like a lot but it will slowly come to the bay area throughout the day today and then later on tonight those
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clouds are going to start to move on shore. outside right now, we have cloudy skies at the coastline, partly cloudy inside the bay cool temperatures in spots and we are seeing ground fog into santa rosa. 43 degrees half mile visibility there. 53 in san francisco. and 54 degrees in concord. this afternoon, still planning on some sunshine and a couple clouds, some 70s in the valleys, low 70s possible in places like san jose today, before 9 in oakland and 63 degrees in san francisco. a chance of showers is on the way. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> traffic alert in effect in lafayette. one of our news crews is turned around because of this major street closure once again lafayette pleasant hill road shut down southbound lanes between spring hill and deer hill roads. this was an accident that happened last night. a car hit a pole in the area. so we have been on and off the phone with the police department in the area. and they say 9:00. so for the next three hours or so. southbound lanes pleasant hill
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road remain shut down in lafayette. south bay watching this accident still blocking a lane southbound 101 approaching yerba buena road. the rest of the south bay so far free and clear. coming up, much more traffic and weather. back to you guys. >> thank you. police in the east bay want to know who killed a woman at her home. susie ko was found at her home after she failed to pick up her husband at the airport. police believe she was killed on friday night between 7 and 10 by someone who then stole her car a blue subaru. she was a former teacher well thought of in the community. her son thinks someone may have been watching her home. >> she felt very comfortable being here and working and doing the landscaping. i can only imagine somebody noticing that pattern and wanting to take advantage of that. >> the victim's children are using certainly media to try to -- social media to try to help
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police with their investigation. they have 140,000 followers on their facebook page. a grisly discovery in east oakland a body found wrapped in cloth in a car near ritchie and olive street next to the arroyo viejo rec center. the body appears to have been there for some time. investigators aren't sure whether it's a homicide. a professor at ucsf campus won the nobel prize for medicine, shinya yamanaka a native of japan. he and a british researcher won for their discovery that mature specialized cells of the body can be reprogrammed to become any kind of cell. the committee said the winners have shown that specialized can turn back the developmental clock under certain circumstances and it also said the discoveries will provide new tools for scientists around the world. this morning a colleague of the
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bay area winner explained more about the significance. it's a major breakthrough because it removes many of the ethical issues about the use of human embryonic stem cells and opens a whole host of things to understand human disease using these new stem cells that we couldn't even dream of before. >> the medicine award was the first nobel prize to be announced this year. hugo chavez has won six more years as president of venezuela. the socialist chavez overcame a challenge from a moderate candidate. more than 80% of eligible voters went to the polls and thousands living abroadcast ballots at diplomatic offices including the consulate in new orleans. today israeli planes flew low over towns in lebanon in retaliation for a drone that crossed into israel over the
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weekend. the israeli military didn't blame hezbollah directly, a shiite group. but a major newspaper in israel did. a lebanese tv channel affiliated with hezbollah reports that the unmanned aircraft was in fact launched in lebanon. israel shot it down and no one was injured. 6:10. a voluntary recall of all the products by the pharmacy at the center of that deadly meningitis outbreak. the new england compounding center says the move is being taken as a precaution because of the risk of potential contamination. the centers for disease control and prevention says there are now more than 90 confirmed cases, seven deaths from a rare form of fungal meningitis all linked to steroids from that new england company. in other bay area headlines now on this monday. san mateo assemblyman jerry hill and san bruno mayor jim ruane plan to speak out against a move that the state public utilities commission made friday afternoon. the puc is asking to suspend hearings for a month over pg&e's penalties and pipeline upgrade costs from the san
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bruno pipeline explosion two years ago. this morning a coalition of community groups in san jose plans to announce a boycott of the mi pueblo grocery chain linked to the company's participation in the federal everify program the department of homeland security system to determine people's immigration status. a big weekend for bay area baseball. the giants and as fight to stay in the play-offs. they may need help. >> another big step for private space travel. the special treat headed toward the international space station right now. >> and oversized and orange. giant pumpkins battle it out for the top prize. we are going live to half moon bay for the big weigh-off for the giant gourd right there. it's all coming your way. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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mark the beginning of a newa in spaceflight. a privately- owned rocket so cool. a launch to mark the beginning of a new era in space flight. a privately owned rocket took off last night on a supply mission to the international space station. the rocket launched from cape canaveral, florida. it's the first of a dozen supply flights under a contract with nasa. the capsule is carrying 1,000 found of food, experiments and equipment. and this is nice. there's a frozen treat for the three space station residents, chocolate, vanilla swirl ic cream. speaking of space, this is a logical scary. an australian daredevil will try to set a record tomorrow for skydiving from 120,000 feet above the planet. there he is. 43-year-old felix bumgarner will attach to a helium balloon
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and jump wearing a special pressurized suit and parachute. it will take 5 minutes and reach speeds up to 700 miles per hour. >> nobody can tell me what happens to the human body in freefall when you fly supersonic speeds so even if you have been testing a lot and rehearse the last couple of years we won't know the answer until we do it for real. >> baumgartner's last jump was 96,000 feet so he has been up there before. >> we wish him well. 6:16. let's check the roads. >> it's a holiday. is it kind of messy out there? >> it is a holiday so we were expecting a "holiday light" traffic and so far we actually have seen a couple of different incidents across the bay area. and the bay bridge is pretty stacked up this morning. so it is monday morning back to work for obviously some folks. you can see those middle fastrak lanes. they are still getting by okay. but those outer cash lanes are starting to stack up. chp, so far no metering lights
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but this is around the time they typically turn them on. they will be turned on any minute. let's go to the maps. we are following a couple of different incidents. coming off of the golden gate bridge, approaching lombard, we are just hearing of a water main break. we just got off the phone with the san francisco police department. so at this point we don't know what's impacted but it's affecting some water in the roadway lombard between buchanan and webster. so again, that's in the marina district there in san francisco. golden gate bridge traffic itself so far, so good. we'll continue to keep you updated on that water main break affecting city streets in the city. elsewhere, along the peninsula, southbound 101 approaching whipple avenue this is an accident there blocking one lane. sounds like fire crews are on scene so they are there blocking that one lane now and you can see a little bit of slowing on our sensors a few brake lights as you make make through redwood city. otherwise, to the south bay now, better news now in san jose, southbound 101 approaching yerba buena road that accident is now cleared. so all lanes are once again
6:18 am
back open. northbound looking good exits around san jose looking good nice and light a lot of green on our sensors good news over 40 miles an hour. it's still pretty busy north of the airport on that connector ramp. we were following a couple of different accidents on eastbound 380 to northbound 101. so even though the accident is now completely out of lanes and that ramp is back open, it is still heavy in the area. the good news is it's north of the airport so it won't impact you if you are heading towards sfo. got an early-morning flight to catch. elsewhere, the silicon valley drive, a live look at one of our "timesaver traffic" cameras through milpitas, 880/237, so far free and clear out towards san jose. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." we have traffic and weather we have traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> looks like it's going to be a nice day but things changing after that. maybe even a couple of raindrops paying a visit to the bay area. you can see that area of low
6:19 am
pressure off the coastline. doesn't look like much really isn't a whole lot but may hold together just long enough to bring with it at least a chance of showers late tonight into tomorrow morning. but today, i think we squeeze in a nice day outside. you head out the door right now we have mostly cloudy skies out toward the coastline. couple of clouds have moved just inside the bay. of the temperatures a little cool in spots, 40s and 50s and thick fog, visibilities down to half mile in santa rosa. this afternoon sunshine, just a couple clouds, temperatures very mild 60s to mid-70s the warmest spots inland, 50s and 60s at the coast. but if you plan on traveling around the state very mild day indeed. looks like great weather in the high country about 63 degrees in lake tahoe, 81 and warm in fresno, about 65 degrees partly cloudy into the monterey bay. high pressure north of us, this area of low pressure the one we're concerned about is spinning up and will slowly meander toward the coastline over the next couple of days and work through the bay area. that will bring with it a few more clouds. computer models picking up on
6:20 am
clouds throughout the bay area today, gathering really tonight and early tomorrow morning the best chance for scattered showers in the bay area. temperatures today, looks like a very nice day. 70 degrees in san jose, 74 morgan hill, 67 hayward, east bay temperatures in fact 70s. we should see afternoon sunshine and about 69 degrees in oakland. 63 degrees in san francisco. about 69 in santa rosa. the next couple of days, looks like it will be a little unsettled on tuesday and wednesday. come thursday, we dry things out. another cold front pays a visit on friday with another chance of a shower. that's a look at weather. back to you. at weather. >> thank you. the forklift will be tested at half moon bay lifting up heavy gourds. >> big time. about a ton. it's the 39th annual safeway world championship pumpkin wayoff. this year $25,000 for a the new world record. the current record 2,009 pounds set last month in massachusetts. the california record was set
6:21 am
at half moon bay last year, 1704 pounds grown up in napa. stow what's it take to grow a huge pumpkin? here you go. >> well, it takes good ground and real good seed and a lot of luck, actually. this year hundreds of guys lost pumpkins. there were 2,000 to 3,000 lost for the wholer. > >> probably takes a little room. for a gallery of past winners, go to and click on the giant pumpkin at the bottom of the homepage. >> can you imagine carving that? >> you would need a chainsaw. >> i could sit in it and dig it out. >> there you go. 6:21. one for the record books. how the bay area's public transit held up with a very busy weekend. >> on the ink were of elimination. a tough weekend for both bay area baseball teams. highlights coming up. ,,
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playoffs. cincinnati starter bronson arroyo took a perfect game o the fifth. he st the as and giants need to win three in a row to stay in the play-offs. arroyo had a perfect game into the fifth struck out four giants and the reds shut out the giants 9-0. san francisco is down two games to none heading to cincinnati tomorrow. good luck to the giants. >> they need our love. so do they guys. as home finally against the tigers tomorrow night. oakland taking a 4-3 lead in detroit on josh reddick's home run in the 8th. there was hope but a stack fly in the ninth gave the home -- sac. fly in the 9th gave the home team the walkoff win. 5-4 the final. 2-0 lead in the series. the next three at home.
6:26 am
nfl record for the 49ers 300 yards running and 300 yards passing in the same game. alex smith threw for three touchdowns he was huge and kaepernick for another. 9er beat up the bills 45-3. and it could have been a lot worse. complete coverage on the weekend's games on looking at the play of the day. quarterback andrew luck out of stanford with the indianapolis colts with the long pass. reggie wayne with the brilliant one-handed catch goes back n he was interfered with the green bay db still makes the grab untouched or so they say. in he goes for the touchdown. guess what, green bay is 2-3. big win there. 6:26. coming up, a campaign cash grab. president obama making a final swing right through the bay area today. >> plus, record prices at the pump. what governor brown is doing to
6:27 am
reverse the runup. >> and a big mess to clean up in downtown oakland after some protestors went on a vandalism spree. which buildings were damaged? i'll let you know coming up. ,, [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's monday, october 8. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. clean-up crews will be working overtime in oakland this morning. >> they will. some 200 "occupy" oakland protestors taking to the streets last night. they marched through downtown breaking windows, splashing paint along the way. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington in downtown oakland to show us some of the damage that was left behind.
6:31 am
good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, among those buildings damaged city hall and three banks. we are outside one of those banks on 20th and franklin and look at this damage. windows were smashed some of them even boarded up already this morning. and if we walk this way, we can see that they even splattered some paint on the glass. this is damage that we're seeing at several buildings all over downtown oakland this morning. the people who did this some antiwar protestors have been dispersed a few of them went off on their own and went on this spree. this started as an antiimperialist rally to mark the 11th anniversary of the u.s. war in afghanistan. a group of about 200 demonstrators met at frank ogawa plaza last night. then they marched through the downtown. at around 8:30, the group had dispersed some of those demonstrators went on the vandalism spree tossing paint at city hall breaking windows. they damaged about half a dozen other businesses including the "oakland tribune," three banks, a kaiser permanente office,
6:32 am
a.c. transit office and oakland scientific facility. i got a chance to speak with some oakland residents who are fed up with protests that lead into vandalism. >> i think that kind of behavior has alleviated -- it definitely was more severe in the past. but that's always going to be -- as long as there's people upset with the way the city officials and the authorities are running things. >> reporter: there are no reports of injuries or arrests. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. police in san francisco arresting 20 people during a weekend protest. people wearing black allegedly blocked traffic and vandalized vehicles and businesses. this happened on saturday afternoon. officers were hit by flares. some bags of paint that also contained rocks. police believe some of those that were arrested were involved in similar activities in the mission district about
6:33 am
two weeks ago. this week, president barack obama makes his last bay area appearance before the election. he played to a roomful of stars last night in los angeles. he used their performances to make light of his own in last week's debate. >> they just performed flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. [ laughter ] >> the crowd got a kick out of that. the president was referring to singers katy perry and jennifer hudson who played before him. this morning, president obama will visit keen, near bakersfield where the home of farm labor leader cesar chavez is being made a national monument. the president will arrive at sfo about 1:40 this afternoon. he has a private fundraiser in san francisco then a public concert and rally at bill graham civic auditorium with singer john legend. the president will spend the night in san francisco. republican presidential nominee mitt romney will deliver a major foreign policy speech today in virginia. romney is expected to say it's
6:34 am
time for america to change course in the middle east and accused president obama of passive leadership in the world. 6:34. another morning, another record at the pump. governor brown now taking some steps hopefully to ease back on the record gasoline prices we have been seeing the last couple of weeks. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the newsroom with the idea behind the governor's action. cate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the governor is calling in this a state of emergency asking for the immediate release of a less expensive blend to help ease prices at the pump. now, according to aaa, gas prices in the bay area are at record highs. in san francisco, it's $4.73 for a gallon of regular. in san jose and oakland, you're paying dollars 4.67. governor brown asked state regulators yesterday to release the winter blend early. normally it comes out after halloween. experts say the early release could increase gas supplies 8 to 10%. supplies were cut short after the august chevron refinery
6:35 am
fire in richmond and last week a power failure that knocked out an exxon refinery in southern california. >> we had chevron problem which isn't completely fixed in richmond. the exxon refinery in southern california had a power outage and went completely offline for a couple of days and there's also a pipeline disruption that's making it hard for some of the refineries to get crude oil. >> the winter blend is less environmentally friendly. selling it early shouldn't have an impact on air quality. state officials say the spike will end soon but if you looking for cheap gas prices go to and enter your zip code. cate caugiran, cbs 5. nearly 1,000 gallons of gas stolen from this roseville shell station. the station's manager says thieves in a truck managed to disable the meter came back several times to steal hundreds of gallons at a time. it's estimated the suspects got away with about $4,000 worth of
6:36 am
fuel. police are looking at surveillance video now to try to catch the suspects. i think the first clue would be didn't they just fill up like four times already today? >> that's a lot of fuel, too. 6:36. let's check the weather. lawrence, big weekend and i get monday is a holiday for some. >> some people off and b it looks like it will be a great monday around the bay area. a lot of sunshine coming our way couple of clouds. it could change tonight and tomorrow. low pressure system off the coast doesn't look like much but may be just enough for a couple of showers into the bay area tomorrow and wednesday. today we're looking okay. over the bear, a couple of clouds out there. otherwise mostly clear skies inland, temperatures in the 40s and 50s right now. patchy dense fog in the north bay valleys. this afternoon sunshine, clouds, 74 morgan hill. 70 san jose. 69 degrees in sunnyvale. antioch 72. 73 in livermore one of the warmer spots and inside the bay about 63 degrees in san
6:37 am
francisco and 69 i oakland. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> newark problems sounds like a big rig fire on city streets in newark. you can see it's just west of the nimitz. west of 880. the exact location mowry and jasmine. the bigger streets in the area close to mowry and cherry. the big rig trailer caught fire. we have just learned that newark police department is shutting down a stretch of cherry in the area. nice flow of traffic this morning into san francisco. there is a water main break at lombard. it doesn't sound huge. they haven't shut down lombard but it's by lombard and buchanan. a quick update on this accident
6:38 am
all lanes open southbound 101 approaching whipple in redwood city. we'll check the bay bridge coming up. time now 6:38. a search is on for the killer of a woman in contra costa county. susie ko was found dead in her hercules home after she failed to pick her husband up at oakland airport. police believe she was killed friday night between 7:00 and 10:00 by someone who then stole her blue subaru. the former teacher was well thought of by many. her son thinks someone may have been watching the house. >> she felt very comfortable being here and working and doing the landscaping. i can only imagine somebody noticing that pattern and wanting to take advantage. >> the victim's children are using social media to try and help police with their investigation. so far them about 140,000 followers on facebook. grief counselors will be available at saint andrew catholic church in daly city to
6:39 am
comfort friends of a six-year- old girl. that young girl was hit by a minivan in the church parking lot saturday morning and she was killed. she has been identified as danielle naval from daly city. two other people were also injured. daly city police are investigating the deaths. former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will be sentenced tomorrow, at the center of the child sexual abuse scandal convicted on 45 charges in june. even his attorney believes that whatever the sentence, the 68- year-old will live the rest of his life in a pennsylvania state prison. the bay area survived the busy weekend. some were dumbing -- >> still can't say it. >> dubbing san francisco jam francisco. >> sporting events in two stadiums in san francisco as well as fleet week and the america's cup. over at candlestick the 9ers scored a lopsided win over the
6:40 am
bills 45-3 setting records. giants against the reds not so great they lost. the crowd tried to cheer them on but giants lost for the second day in a row 9-0. they head to cincinnati tomorrow. >> of course bay a spectacular sight as the america's cup wrapped up its five-day series on a glorious day. fans gathered at the wasn't front to watch the action. oracle team usa taking home their second consecutive win in the world series. teams will be back next summer for the america's cup regatta. and perhaps the biggest treat throughout the weekend there was a distinctive roar in the sky yesterday afternoon. the blue angels soared through the sky in their aerial display wrapping up the final day's event. thousands came out to see the blue and gold fighter jets from the navy traveling at death- defying speeds performing risky corkscrews and loops. and just putting on just an amazing show for about three hours on the bay. i was in a boat and you just
6:41 am
couldn't get enough of it. >> it was great to watch. >> it was fun. the fear of gridlock prompted many people to take mass transit to events in the city. bart shattered its weekend day record nearly 320,000 rode bart on saturday including my coanchor. high gas prices also pushed people toward public transit. if it keeps on going up we'll all be walking to work. >> jam francisco. >> got it right. >> finally. 6:41. it's a tax to help support schools so how honest are the prop 30 ads? we'll break them down coming up. >> plus what a way to end the race. take a look. how no one was seriously injured thinks 20-car pile-up. >> and the market on a holiday monday just opened 10 minutes ago. take a quick look at the early numbers. not so hot out of the gate but that can change. we'll crunch the numbers coming up with jason brooks when we come back after the break. ,, ,,,,
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what a finish at nascar's race at talledega, alabama yesterday. take a look. the biggest wreck in the history of the speedway involving about 25 cars. nearly every driver that was on the track got in a crash. nobody was seriously hurt. they are getting everything cleaned up. matt kenseth won and said it looked like jam francisco out there. [ laughter ] >> no kidding. well, you may have seen the ads. >> yeah. commercials for and against prop 30. the governor's tax measure to fund schools has hit the airwaves. but are they telling the truth? "san francisco examiner" columnist melissa griffith joins us. you say both sides of the debate have factual errors in the ads. >> reporter: that's right. so the pro proposition 30 ads
6:46 am
have come out last week and they say things like, sacramento politicians can't touch the money, et cetera. i think we actually even have a clip of one of the ads. and one of the statements at issue. >> with strict accountability, money must go to the classrooms and can't be touched by sacramento politicians. >> reporter: now, this is really interesting because first of all, the bill was written by sacramento politicians. it's being pushed by sacramento politicians. so the pro proposition 30 people say sacramento politicians can't touch the money. the anti-proposition 30 forces are saying sacramento politicians can do whatever they want to with the money and they are both kind of wrong. here's how it works. the money that comes in the door about $10 billion a year about $3 billion pays off education debt. and another around 6 or $8 billion will go to an education protection account. it is that that account can't be used by any other -- for any
6:47 am
other purpose. however, that money then frees up the same amount of money in the general fund so that those sacramento politicians can use that money to pay for other things can pay for pensions, social programs or whatever jet ski, whatever they want. so the truth is, politicians can touch the mon -- can't touch the exact money in the account but can spend now what is freed up in the general fund so each side is pointing at each other. they are both wrong. >> a little politics there. i guess there's opposition especially for one family. tell us about that. >> i have to tell you the munger family is off jerry brown's christmas list. that's for sure. charles munger was a vice president at berkshire hathaway so a very wealthy violent working with warren buffett. his two children one is charles junior one is molly, charles is a -- charles junior is a republican and very active in politics in california. molly munger a democrat also very active. now, molly munger is funding to
6:48 am
the tune of $28 million a measure prop 38 on the november ballot which is also like prop 30 a tax increase for the purpose of funding education. now, lots of analysts say, hey, you know what? if you have two measures doing the same thing, you will split the vote and you put both propositions in jeopardy. so jerry brown tried to get molly to take her proposition off again. so coming from the democratic side. coming at it from the republican side, charles mung, jr., just spent $23 million to a super pac that funds anti- prop 30 literature. so from the republican side you have charles munger junior again for a total of over $50 million that could really i am peril the governor's tax plan. so the mungers definitely not going to be invited to thanksgiving at the brown residence. >> or christmas or new year's or anything. yeah. i guess we'll all find out in about three weeks. we are close to the big
6:49 am
election. >> find more on melissa's segments on two companies are teaming up on a prepaid card. jason brooks with kcbs and joins us on a holliday. happy monday. >> reporter: good morning. american express and walmart getting together on a prepaid card for consumers without access to traditional credit checking accounts and debit cards and right now the prepaid market dominated by cards that have heavy fees and not the same consumer fraud protections that traditional debit cards and checking accounts have. in this case, amex and walmart say that their prepaid card will have that protection as well as far fewer fees than typical on the prepaid cards. the governor signing in that gas suppliers and gas dealers can start selling their winter blends earlier after gas prices spiked big time over the past
6:50 am
few days across california. statewide, regular unleaded at $4.68 the highest average on record quite a bit higher around the bay area. winter blend is not sold until november 1, cheaper and as soon as it starts getting into gas stations they could knock prices down immediately by 25 cents a gallon. oil lower this morning on the world stage falling about 6 5 cents under $90 a barrel. market quiet. earnings starting off tomorrow for the 3rd quarter. at the moment the dow lower by 42 points, nasdaq down 18. s&p off by 6. netflix shares doing well, they are up 8% after getting an upgrade from analysts at morgan stanley. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and time for a look at what's coming up on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
6:51 am
frank and michelle. a simple switch that could slash crime. john miller reveals what phone companies are not doing that could decrease iphone thefts. plus candid admissions from president nixon newly released tapes revealing how debate mistakes have a lasting impact. that and more at 7:00. >> sounds interesting. "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. >> time for the weather now here at 6:51. i think it should be a great day. we are going to see changes and clouds starting to move in across the skies. out the door, mostly cloudy at the coast. couple of patches of clouds inside the bay. otherwise a little cool in some of the valleys. increasing clouds tonight, no delays. heading across the country not a bad travel day into houston
6:52 am
about 73 degrees there. we are looking at showers in new york at 58 degrees. low pressure off the coastline spinning around that. will slowly work towards the coast and bring with it at least a slight chance of showers late tonight early tomorrow morning. and then maybe into wednesday, as well. but for today enjoy the sunshine and a couple of clouds 60s and 70s in the south bay east bay numbers up into the low 70s in many spots. and inside the bay today you will find about 69 in oakland 63 san francisco and 69 in sand rose. next couple of days unsettled, cold front on friday with a slight chance of showers. >> and we are just getting our first pictures of this water main break in san francisco. so you're taking a look at lombard and buchanan. that's the intersection where you can see that water streaming there into the roadway. fire crews are on scene emergency crews trying to put a cap on that water main break. again, so you may find some delays around san francisco's
6:53 am
marina district. apparently, lombard, though, remains open. so thanks for those pictures there coming into our newsroom just now. elsewhere, out towards the bay bridge, you can definitely tell it's a holiday this monday morning, traffic lighter on the bay bridge. metering lights are on now so we are starting to see delays in cash and fastrak lanes. just a quick update on the maps. we're watching this accident westbound 80 approaching gilman stacking up towards about central avenue down the eastshore freeway. that's a check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> thank you. time now 6:53. >> coming up, a final check of your top stories. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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6:57 am
paint. porter elissa harr a protest march turns destructive in oakland breaking windows and splashing paint. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in downtown oakland to show us some of the damage to the buildings. >> reporter: good morning. several buildings were damaged including city hall and three banks. this one here california bank and trust on 20th and franklin was sprayed with paint. about 200 demonstrators met for the march that went through downtown. this was to mark the 11th anniversary of the u.s. war in afternoon. some vandalism spree they went through several blocks on or around franklin streak breaking windows at city hall and recruiting center several other areas and three banks. this morning they are cleaning it up. we have seen a couple of crews coming around and they are just
6:58 am
starting to come out here this morning. this bank alone i counted 14 broken windows. there are no reports of any injuries or any arrests. in oakland, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> looks like it's going to take a lot of time clean it up. well, it's monday for some a holiday. and lawrence, what do you say? >> we never take the day off in news ever. 365 days a year. hey, folks, what a day it's going to be today. couple of clouds outside now sneaking inside the bay. otherwise, we're looking good. the temperatures cool in spots and the valleys down in the 40s especially in the north bay san jose 48 degrees right now. by the afternoon, we'll see a couple of passing clouds and a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures mild mainly in the 70s in the valleys, 60s and low 70s inside the bay and 60s at the coast. low pressure heading our way. a slight chance of showers toward tuesday and on wednesday. a break on thursday. another slight chance as we get into friday. elizabeth? >> we have been following a couple of different incidents across the bay area so it is a holiday so overall, we're
6:59 am
seeing lighter traffic but if you are traveling on city streets in newark, we do have a problem cherry street shut down because of a car that hit a trailer. cherry street is shut down both directions between mowry and morris. let's check the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is "holiday light" here. the metering lights are on. >> okay, elizabeth. thank you. >> this is exciting. we are just minutes away from the 39th annual safeway world championship pumpkin weigh-off happening in half moon bay. >> we have live pictures of heavy gourds that will vie for the world record of $25,000. meg megaprize for the weight. competition on main street in half moon bay about to begin. the world record in massachusetts 2,009 pounds. >> don't forget to log on to you can scroll down to the bottom click on the giant pumpkin and see past competition pictures. captions by: caption colorado

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